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Old 2006-02-03, 10:13
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Recommend a sound card / audio interface?

I'd be curious to know what sound cards or audio interfaces you would recommend for Reason 2.5 or 3.0?

I've got a desktop that I run Reason 2.5, NI (various), and Sonar 4 on - also would like to record line and mic-level sources. I am trying to move away from a Creative Audigy 2 card. My issues with the Audigy were/are as follows (for the benefit of the unwary):
1) stuck at 48000 sample rate at 16 bits - there are some workarounds for this, including Voxengo's r8brain - which enable you to bring your file sampling rate down to 44.1 kHz for burning to disc
2) quality of external line-in and mic-in audio recording appears to be low (low signal levels -I was trying to use an older POD as a preamp, but no joy)
3) it was a pain in the arse to install because...
4) most of the supplied software (including Creative's own utilities) was *system-crashingly unusable*, with the sole exception of the mixer
5) it will be a pain in the arse to uninstall (there are horror stories about Creative registry gunk and system behaviors persisting after card removal)
6) Creative customer support is an oxymoron
7) Documentation? Ha ha ha ha ha.... everything looked like brochures from the Marketing department

Granted ONCE I got it installed and running it seems to have worked okay for all my soft synths, with acceptable latency using ASIO drivers. But I really don't think I want to go near Creative (or even E-mu) ever again.

Mostly I've been looking at Firewire and PCI interfaces: in particular the Presonus Firebox and the Echo Gina 3G.
Echo got some nice press on the Cakewalk website, but NI users are unhappy about Echo's driver development. The Firebox gets some nice press from the Cakewalk forum. I'm probably not in the Lynx/RME/MOTU ballpark although I could consider a slightly higher-end card/interface than the two I've mentioned.

Anyway, hope you will share your experiences on sound cards / audio interfaces,



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