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Old 2006-01-25, 01:40
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New track by Dance FX 21 - Dark Echo - Now on SoundClick!


I?ve just completed my first upload for 2006!

The new track is called *Dark Echo* which reflects some rather dark elements of the theme. One such element is the loud rolling blasts of thunder, while another is the rather deep robotic patch with it?s water-droplet like character.

Now, the main departure for this track is the overall structure - for example, the theme is more consistent in that a slow build is used, rather than dramatic theme diversions, to break any major repetitiveness. The tempo is set at 130 BPM which, I guess, is pretty close to the norm for dance music. Speaking of music types, the genre could be described as Techno House on account of the theme structure and also, a more continuous beat throughout.

Like the last track (*Drum up the Bass!*), *Dark Echo* uses an 8 band compressor set-up which makes it fairly loud, but a new technique (to me anyway) is the use of gating on most of the advanced reverb effects. This has benefited the overall mix greatly by controlling the reverb signal?s length, thereby eliminating mud to a large extent. Finally, the piano velocity has been considerably improved, allowing a more realistic sound to be transmitted.

In any case, I?ll let you hear it for yourselves (please use the link below) -

2006 Cheers!

Dance FX 21

Dark Echo

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