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Studio monitors and volume control?

OK so I just got a pair of active studio monitors (Behringer 2030A's)..not the best ones but way better than mixing on cheap hifi speakers.

My biggest concern is the volume level of these. There's no volume control knob like on a hifi amp, so unless I turn down the volume of the output signal, they're extremely loud. I have pulled down all the volume sliders in the soundcard control panel to as low as they will go, and when listening to a CD in WinAmp, I have the volume control there at 25% at most.

However, some apps, and especially games, dissobey those audio volume settings. Quicktime movies are always extremely loud. The first time I had to reach for the power switch in panic. Now I mute the speakers, launch the movie, turn down the volume in Quicktime, and then unmute the speakers again. I also have to mute the speakers when launching some games (yeah, I should grow up, I know), so I have a chance to lower the volume level in the game before turning the speakers on again.

Anything that can be done about that? I'm scared that some day my computer will "forget" my volume settings and play the Windows startup sound at 113db's leaving me deaf for the rest of my life....I feel much safer when I have some way to turn down the output level at the amp.

Also, in reviews I read of these monitors, some complained that bass response was surprisingly low. However, at the default settings, I found the speakers a little "boomy"..maybe it's because they are almost in the corner of the room, and on a wooden shelf with another wooden shelf just above them? Some songs sounded OK, but in e.g. "Breathe" by Erasure, the bassline sounded really boomy and overpowering. Sounded much better after dropping the bass level one notch using the switches at the back of the speakers. Does this mean that particular song is poorly mixed? Many other songs sounded just fine. Or should I keep the bass one notch down all the time?

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