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recording MIDI in reason / 2 questions

I recently upgraded my computer from 2000 to win XP as well as upgrading reason 2.5 to 3.0.

i also bought a m-audio keystation 49e and i was having trouble getting sound to play through reason but managed to tweak various settings and sound card choices to get sound from my midi controller.

first question: is the method of getting sound to play through reason different in 3.0 than 2.5?
(In 2.5 i didn't have to do anything with the midi bus or channels to get sound to play and record with.)

second question: after assigning the midi channels 1-2 and selecting via bus A in the preferences dialogue, i manage to get sound playing from reason (related to above question) but for some reason, when i try to record via midi into my songs, it's not recording any info when i play from the controller. i am wondering if it's because of the settings i made in order to get the sound to play.

i'm not new to reason as i have been with it since the beginning, and this is very puzzling. i also downloaded the latest version of 3.0.4 from the website and that still didn't do the trick. i also am running pro tools m-powered and a firewire solo interface on my computer.

please help before i pull all of my hair out!

thanks everyone!

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