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Old 2006-02-18, 00:20
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Extremely slow patch browsing in Reason 3.0.4 using rewire

Dearest fellow-composers. It's been quite some time that I am looking for a proper answer the following question:

When using Reason in Cubase LE (rewire-mode), I notice extremely slow patch browsing when I have created about 5 devices or more. Using the Task Manager, I see it's not Reason but Cubase that's eating away ALL of my processing power when Reason is loading a new patch.
If I open the same rack in Reason, but without opening Cubase (i.e. not rewired), patch browsing is as smooth as a baby. Not only with 5 devices but with many more as well (long live the Propellerhead team !!!)

Using Reason as a rewired rack causes patch browsing to take up to a minute or two (!!!), whereas patch browsing in Reason as a standalone rack never takes more than a second. That's a factor 60 !!!

Does anyone know what I should do to resolve this issue?

I don't seem to find the answer on Steinberg's forum, although I'm afraid this is really a Cubase LE issue. Could this problem be solved using a commercialised (aka. frequently updated) version of Cubase (Cubase LE is only provided as a bonus with hardware-sales and updates are not available)

Any help is welcome !!!


(FYI: I'm working with a 3.5 GHz Atlon processor and 2Gbytes of RAM, ASUS motherboard A8V Deluxe, Tascam FW-1804)

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