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Less Features

You know how all of the reason super-worshipers say reason is the perfect program and is for those...
-who are willing to roll-up their sleeves to achieve the right sound or effect,
-who think that every feature added to reason by the software designers was perfect in every way,
-who think that Audio in, midi out, vst support, an arpeggiator, etc. will magically make reason worse of a program,
-who think that the propellerhead corporation is taking the exact perfect right amount of time between each version upgrade,

...well I'm the king of them all.

And to prove it I am going to offer the very first ever "Features-to-get-rid-of Post" on the feature suggestion forum!!

And here it is: (redrum roll please)

-Malstrom: way, way too easy to use. I'm sure there is a way to get all of the possible sounds from the subdirectors that you can get on the malstrom. Be gone with it

-Matrix Gui: you know the area in the matrix where you have the piano roll and the grid with boxes for the steps- I think you should replace the graphics with a text box where you would enter the coded information of the pitch and step instead. Talk about having to roll-up your sleeves to program music in reason, instead of simply clicking the little red boxes, to get matrix to play a little looped 4 Note bassline riff on the NN-XT, one would be forced to spend hours learning C++

-Bye bye Rewire: In fact, not only should reason be the only software instrument in the world (and why the hell would you need rewire if it was?), it should be the only musical instrument in the world, period.
As a matter of fact, this suggestion leads to the idea of my next suggestion...

-Include a hammer in the reason retail box for destroying all other musical instruments (ie. guitars, hardware synthesizers, drums, etc.)

-Also include a knife for stabbing those who dare to speak negatively about reason and the Propellerhead Gods.

-A computer virus generator: Even though technically this is a feature to add rather than to get-rid-of, it still will help you remove music making features on your computer as a whole. The virus generator would seek out and destroy all other music computer applications. Now, most of us reason super-worshipers won't even need this feature since we would never dare to install any other music app, it would be there as a safety net incase for instance some sneak was to go out and buy Flstudio and install it on our computer as a practical joke; virus generator would be there to stop the joke from going too far.

-Lose the RV7 & RV7000: The DDL-1 is good enough for creating reverb type effects.

-Line mixer 6:2 : Do I really need to explain this one?

-Patch saving on the Combinator:
Instead of being able to save the configurations of setups in the combinator, you would include a blank combinator setup log book in the retail box. Then saving patches on the combinator would be more like the way you would save patches on old 70's vintage synths like the Minimoog or MS-20. Using a pencil or pen, you would write (or draw) in your log book the way the combinator is setup so that when you want to load up a combinator creation you made when you couldn't sleep a few nights ago, all you would have to do is read your log book and create the devices and adjust the settings according to your written descriptions.

-Drop the audio output on the Dr. Rex player: To make things a little harder, make it so that to play a rex loop, you would have to load it twice; once into a nn-xt and once in a Dr. Rex. Then you would use the CV outs on the dr rex to trigger the slices on the nn-xt.

- And finally, get-rid-of the M-class effects, the new browser, those nasty little spiders, the Play button on the transport and this prop-god forsaken blaspheming feature suggestion forum!

And there it was.

Thank you for your time reading
this and if any of you has any question or comment, please (don't) reply as I would love to read the same thing I have been reading on this forum for the last 5 years.

Later Dudes and Dudettes

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