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Old 2006-02-25, 01:47
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New track by Dance FX 21 - At the Races! - on SoundClick!

Hi to all you guys!

As many of us are probably aware, the racing season is starting to hot up with the 2006 Cheltenham festival fast approaching. I?ve just uploaded a new track (well kind of) called *At the Races!* and it?s approximately 6 minutes long. The track originated from 2003 and was posted to the Reason Song Archive in March of last year, but is now uploaded to SoundClick as an extensively re-mastered version. There?ll be more information regarding the method of re-mastering on the website in a couple of days.

Now, the track hardly needs a title when one listens to the theme, which remains virtually unaltered. In my view, it completely reflects the atmosphere experienced at race meetings, from horses to PA systems, from galloping to crosswinds. However, I never thought of crowd cheering, but with so much going on in the mix, there might then have been some overcrowding!

The overall rhythmic structure (particularly the acid bass-line) emulates a horse?s gallop from a jockeys perspective (well at least I think so!), while other sounds reflect: a thundering gallop in the distance, a horse?s neighing, and voices over the PA system. Also, the warm pad phrases along with a rich piano forms a nice appropriate melody, which I think could easily act as an introduction theme. In short, I really like this track and although there?s room for improvement, I think the mix-down comes out quite well for the most part.

I could go into more detail, but I?ll let you hear the track for yourselves -

2006 Cheltenham Cheers

Dance FX 21

At the Races! (rev)

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