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Old 2006-03-04, 07:16
xteknik xteknik is offline
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IS there a way to Search for a part in a Refill file?

how do I search in a refill or all refills on my drive for the file named asound.wav when it is packed inside a Refill?? Is there a browser to search names of sounds in Refills?

Why would I want a browser?

In Reason 2.5, I find that going to "Browse File" on an instrument like redrum will not open the directory of the file that's currently displayed... it will open the directory last browsed to. I can see the name of the file, but I can't seem search the inside of Refills... or can I? tell me please!
I geuss I need to view inside of the proprietary refill the same way I would view inside of a ZIP file. Is there such a tool??

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