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Question with Stereo Imaging...

Hello...I have a couple of questions with Stereo Imaging in Reason. 1....I hear people talk about Stereo Imaging and Stereo Widening.Is there a difference between the 2 or are they the same? . Basically, I'm not ripping Reason at all(i love it), but i'm tired of everytime i want to get a good stereo effect from like a trance bass, or trance lead, i have to rely on the Unison Device, but then i have the ugly flanging, chorus stuff all over my sound. Even hihats and stuff-unless i add unison to it, it sounds very mono. And whenever i use the Mclass stereo imager, it doesn't even change half the sounds i try to use with it. The green bars stay right in the center, no matter how much i adjust the Wide option on it. What I'm looking for is the effect of the Unison, but without the chorusy/flangy sound it adds.

Any suggestions? Could it be Stereo Widening instead that i need for my tracks rather than stereo Imaging?

What can i do?


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