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didactic delineation

edit mode tools - reverse, randomize, mirror

whole catagorizing option

batch wire pasting

whole system automation

scratch pad - for notes

unlimited hit searches - search should also be embedded with a customizable list

unlimited rex slices (92 limit is lame)

list text input auto completion

auto remove duplicate patches from search results

randomize/alter synth

browser should be intergrated into the rack

export/import/edit favorites list

unlimited "Details" of song Info; with html compatability

search specific options

MClass EQ - Add/Remove Presets

should be able to paste cross components

reverse pattern paste, paste from edit mode to pattern sequencer

browser check unchecker preview loader

NNXT, backside zone patchpanel

`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~ '~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~`~'~

broke: search doesn't work if you first search for bass guitar, then again with just bass
AS.CE.D. Smith Ministry

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