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i have a suggestion for the redrum

i'm at work so i haven't been able to actually try anything out, but i have been pondering an idea in regards to a way to make the redrum more dynamic using the combinator:

using several redrums within a combinator and some clever programming (mabey making a combinator template would be helpfull) you can assign each redrum to respond to different velocities, then load up a different kit in each redrum and there you have it. as long as each kit follows the basic redrum template, it should sound pretty interesting (depending on your selection of kits, of course)

using this method you can even load up several of the same kit, but tune each sample differently for a velocity effect (harder hits, higher pitch, etc...) mabey set more reverb on louder hits, or have certain velocities flang, while others dont.

the reason why i thought of this is because i was thinking of buying RDK2, but i'm not sure if i want to spend the money just yet.

all comments and suggestions are welcome

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