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Old 2006-03-14, 13:28
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Does any 1 sometimes feel theyre overcrowding their tunes??

Hi , I cant help but feel sometimes I cant just leave a tune alone. As it is so easy to produce great sounds these days I just dont know when to say hey this track sounds good its finished , I just keep thinking oh a hoover sound will make this tune mental or some thing else. But then as I am producing hardstyle/trance sometimes the feel of the tune is about space, spooky atmosphere and reverb etc . as evey sound you add kind of takes up space it sort of takes away from the other sounds. For instance wheras I might have a superbly sharp wierd sounding screechy lead that you really want to be at the front of the mix, sort of over the top, i start thinking oh ill add something else and try make it fit in . Sometimes thats fine but i find more and more that it would take away if you will a bit of the lead and changes the whole feel of the track. Then ive hit a stale mate i really want to fit this in as i dont believe in strict bounderies in music , but it sort of changes the tune. Does anyone else have this problem of knowing when a tune is done or theres enough percussion, bass, can i squeeze this sound in.. etc or am I going crazy lol

any thoughts would be great

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