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3-D Rack Room

3-D rack interface:
The Combinator was a good step towards better rack overview, making it easy to encapsulate instruments that logically belongs to each other. A next step in the same direction could be the ability to use more than one rack for a tune.

A 3-D rack room.

Example: I want to make a tune which uses 10 different racks where each one handles many instruments that operate in the same space in the audio spectrum. That is, if I use a sound from rack A, I know I can always use a sound from rack B at the same time because the sound will never clash frequency wise. A "monophonic" rack flag could even be set, making it impossible to have two notes from the same rack playing at the same time.

I buss all those 10 racks to a Mastering Rack where the sound is tied together.
In this way, it's quick and easy to make a tune with sounds that fit well together. Of course with support from a huge bank of "already-EQ:ed and ready" racks where each of them contains a multitude of different instruments to chose from.
Helper tools in the sequencer will let the user have a great overview on the utilization of the racks (i.e. frequency space utilization) at any given note position, both in real-time and editing time.

Why is would the 3-D rack room be a good idea?
-It speeds up tune making. The user won't be troubled by basic sound design/fitting/problem solving during that brief creative flow, but instead focus on the sound idea & composition. Yet still not being constrained by a static rack setup - the user can make a huge number of different sound setups by combining the multitude of existing racks and instruments in each rack.

I _know_ this would be a great improvement, but you can make it better.
A challenge: Suggestions for how the rack room editor should look like and function, are welcome!


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