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Old 2006-03-19, 16:23
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A challenge for you all:Suggestions for new Reason sequencer

Reason shouldn't compete with products from other companies, like Cubase, that has a vast knowledge in generic sequencing.

Note the word: Generic.

Reason shall instead have a new sequencer, very specialized and closely related to the functionality of the different Reason instruments. No other company could compete with that, since only the Props have the detailed interface to the Reason devices.

So, the challenge for us all, is to brain-storm in order to specify the requirements of the Perfect Reason Specific Sequencer.

Let's convince the Prop's!

Just a simple example of what kind of Reason specific functionality I'm talking about:

When I enter a note in the Reason sequencer it gets color coded using a color scale that tells me how much that specific note clashes spectrum-wise with other currently playing notes.
This would require the program to have detailed Reason device knowledge and interaction - which Reason has - and competing software wouldn't have.

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