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Lost, Lost, Lost....

The equipment:
Mac Powerbook 15" G4 1.67 GHz, 1GB RAM
MBox 2 w/ ProTools & REASON Adapted Factory Bundle
Korg M1

Prologue: A local band has recorded and is currently playing live a song of mine, the original demo of which was originally recorded on a Tascam PortaStudio 2 about 15 years ago. Now, somebodysomebody who actually is a recording artist of some note has expressed an interest to hear more of my songs and all of my newest demo songs haven't yet been recorded. As my old PortaStudio is AWOL, and because I'm so down with the MAC, I decided to opt for getting the MBox 2 Factory Bundle with ProTools/REASON Adapted to record the newest demos. And I am so lost....just can't describe it.

The Biggest Problem:
#1. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to send the right MIDI CC's (whatever they are) from the Korg M1 to REASON.

Does anyone out there have any kind of a faq which would instruct me how to re-map my controller (the M1) so that I could at least start with communicating with REASON and getting a Drum Track down?

I'm on a limited budget so buying a New USB Keyboard is not the immediate solution.

I am a passable guitarist and have no talent whatsoever with keyboards. I've always relied on Drum Machines but I miss my old Korg DDD4(?) (also AWOL) and now only have a old Boss DR 660. As I have the M1, it would seem that it would be the most economic of methods for inputting sounds or MIDI commands into REASON - but I've hit a wall with this MIDI CC thing. Don't know how to do it.

Can anyone hook a brutha up with a solution to this (the Korg M1 - re-mapping)?

Lost until found.....

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