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Old 2006-03-27, 03:07
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New track by Dance FX 21 - Techno Pier - on SoundClick!

Hi to all you guys!

I?ve uploaded another new track (well sort of - for the second time that is!) to Soundclick. Well, the track *Techno Pier* also originates from 2003, but was never publicised in any way as the original mix was rather toothless. Since then however, it has been revised and as a result, the percussion is far more powerful than in any other track I?ve produced to date.

Now, the theme is one reflecting a seafront atmosphere in the summertime. Many reverb effects emulate the echoes associated with being under a pleasure pier, while the sounds themselves are typical of what?s heard in a seaside environment - water effects, ice cream vans, seagulls etc, while the harmony is also quite appropriately arranged - the string phrases reflect, in some way, a band playing on the promenade.

However, there?ll be more information regarding the track on the website in a couple of days. In the meantime, please tell me what you think of the mix, and where it can be improved - I?m sure you know the way one can get bogged down while arranging a track - well *Techno Pier* is a perfect example. I?ll probably be revisiting the song before the summer.

I could go on forever, but I?ll let you hear the track for yourselves -

2006 Cheers from the Pier! - I was on the one in Torrevieja, Spain back in January!

Dance FX 21

Techno Pier

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