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Old 2006-03-29, 10:57
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Minimum OSX Install for Audio Recording? Please Help!!!

My machine is old and definitely not the ideal tool for audio recording, but it's what I've got and I need to utilize every bit of of it (pardon the pun So, I have a plan and just want to verify a few things before I proceed. Please share whatever you know, even if it's only the answer to one question...

System & Software
OSX 10.3.9 (& OS 9.2.2) on a 450Mhz AGP Graphics Power Mac G4 with [2] IDE hard drives: [1] 80 GB; [1] 120 GB. My recording software is DP 4.6. Ableton Live 5.02 and Reason 2.5

Unless a better plan is suggested...

Master Plan, Part 1
Partition the larger hard drive [120 GB] into 2 partitions:
1) storage of finished audio projects
2) current audio projects that I can completely erase (reformat the disk) once completed.

Master Plan, Part 2
Partition the smaller hard drive [80 GB] into 3 partitions:
1) everyday use (internet, word processing, desk top publishing, etc.), on which I'll install the full version of 10.3.9
2) for OS 9.2.2 programs that won't run in Classic, on which I'll install 9.2.2.
3) for audio recording, on which I'll install the absolute minumum components of 10.3.9 needed to effectively record audio.

The Big Question(s)...
1) What are the absolute minimum OSX components needed to effectively record audio? (please be specific)
2) Should either or both drives be journaled?

Thanks in advance for your time,


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