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A 'Change Events' palette?

It would be useful to have the functionality of the Change Events window permanently available onscreen as a palette. As it exists now, when the Change Events window is open, it has to fight for position with the Rack and Sequencer windows.

The palette could display all editable parameters for selected events. If you click on one event for instance, the velocity field would show the velocity value, which you could highlight and input a new value. Or maybe click up/down arrows to change the value. If multiple events were selected with all different values, the field would be blank, but you could still input your own value to assign one velocity value to all selected events at once, or use up/down arrows to change them all proportionately. (keystrokes for increasing & decreasing the velocity of selected events would be sweet too)

Other parameters like transpose, tempo and randomize would have an editable field for the percentage/value (and maybe arrows for changing values), and an apply button. So while in arrange mode I can select a group, enter "12" in the transpose field, hit enter, and I've moved the notes up an octave.

This palette could just be a small row in the sequencer window, beneath the snap-to and quantize parameters.

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