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All reason needs

process external (host) audio tracks when rewired.

so you can use all the effects with external channels.

think about it. no more mastering,etc...
plugins, use them from reason.

i think its no problem , rewire supports 64 channels or so.

you get the best from all worlds.

tracktion sequencer for automation, etc.

host sequencer for everything else.

you need an arp, grab some freeware...

you need a good reverb in host, grab it from reason...

it would be good for the vocoder, route a vocal from the host and bring the mix back to another track...

i tried the demo with tracktion , and i think that that is all reason needs, better integration in audio aspect with host (bidirectional), the rest are onle wannabe things.

think about combis with your guitar, basses, drums, vocals...


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