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Old 2006-04-25, 03:30
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Pitch Shift in Reason WITHOUT changing the length of sample?

Ok first thing is this is my first post. Secondly I have been trying to figure out how to do this in Reason 3.0 since I got it, (About 6 months!) This is my final resort!

What I am refering to is I use a keyboard controller to play notes with the NN19 Sampler. My controller sets up the sound that I load (.wav file) into NN19. Then I play a note while record is on and the sound that I played gets recorded. Fine. However what I cannot then do is change the pitch of the sample I just recorded so that the length (ie: timing) is still the same, but the "sound" just moves up or down octaves. What I am able to do is move up and down octaves with that sample I just played but the length of the sample (timing) changes, and I don't want this. I want to be able to play one sample at one pitch and another at another pitch, yet still keep the same length/time of the sample.

I am coming from programs like Making Waves and Acid where there was a simple option to "pitch shift" the .wav file. With Acid and MW you had to be in loop mode and then "pitch shift" the sample to change the octave without changing the length/timing. But even if I try loop mode in NN19 the sample keeps getting smaller/large in length and time while the octave goes up/down respectivly.

Please give me a hand, as I've tried about every single option on the NN19 sampler (playing with the pitch knobs etc) but to no avail...

Thanks in advance! Hope my question was clear!


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