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Old 2006-04-27, 02:32
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New track by Dance FX 21 - A Summer Scene - on SoundClick!


I've been working over the Easter on a new song called *A Summer Scene*. It's actually based on a track which I composed 10 years ago when I played a Yamaha PSR-500 back then - had great fun with the keyboard for many years and although I still have it, I?ve never used it since acquiring Reason in Dec 2002.

After the feedback I received on recent tracks, it was clear that I had to do something about mastering - for example, I didn?t think *Techno Pier* was so screechy on the high end, but after listening through a portable player, I realised what people were saying on the SoundClick Electronica Forum - the high frequencies were very annoying indeed and the bass was very diminished.

As a result, I decided to gain mastering experience by producing a simpler electronic tune while listening through the portable - the combination of this plus the advice I received on mastering, resulted in a breakthrough - I think I?ve finally cracked the frequency response problem - my bass frequencies were always lacking towards the mid range, which made them unplayable on many smaller hi-fi systems. However, I think *A Summer Scene* has a much more generic frequency range!

Now, the theme is very different to the tracks I usually produce. The mix has a reggae edge to it, but could generally be described as Contemporary Electronica. There?s a strong melody in the theme, while the bass-line has more of a vamp style, which I think works quite well in the mix. There?s also the techno element (surprise, surprise!) in that a powerful phaser effect is used on the strings for the middle part, while complex reverb processing is present throughout.

However, I?ll leave it there and let you guys hear it for yourselves (please use the link below). Of course, any comment or suggestion is welcome!

Many Thanks!

Dance FX 21

A Summer Scene

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