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Electronic Drum kits


I recently bought the RDK 2 refill and am finding it to be an awesome set of drum sounds. SO realistic. They are breathing real life into my funk/hiphop tracks.

I know a few drummers, and what I'd really like to do is get an Electronic Drum pad set and use it via MIDI to trigger RDK sounds. I know this can be done, but there are a few issues I need to clear up before I spend any money on a drum pad set.

1) As I'd be triggering sounds from Reason, there is not much need for the stand-alone drum modules that most electronic drum pad sets come with. Most seem to have the feature of re-assigning the MIDI notes coming from each pad (which would be essential to make them work with RDK patches without a lot of hassle), but really this is the ONLY feature I need out of the module. Is there anyway to bypass having to use an expensive drum module that will mostly sit idle?

2) Latency. The one time I tried to use a drum pad set with reason, the drummer complained of there being a very small (but for a drummer very annoying) latency on the sounds being triggered. Has anyone used drum pads with reason much? Is latency a common problem? If so, what can i do about it?

If anyone has any knowledge/experience at all in this area I'd love to hear it.

Thanks :-))

Ben Leighton


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