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Old 2006-04-29, 09:43
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Tree Hierarchical Structure Navigability|Only 4 Programmers

IN ENGLISH (I'm sorry for my language and errors)

Copy and paste links to your own browser.

(Image 1

Well, while I was building a song done of all "Combinator" I have noticed that for each component of the rack I had to create one "Sequence track for... ", making some uncomfortable and expensive in terms of time, the operation.
Besides when we had so many "Combinator" as tools or effects are had inside also, and therefore create all the "Sequencer track for... " becomes difficult complicated, and it takes too much space in the view.

(image 2
Then I have thought: we introduce the simple "tree visualization" that all the OS use.

This way, when you choose the "Combinator", or you create you want new rack connected together (without expressly using the "Combi"), the program will already give you all the components that are to its inside, without owing to create her you (put them in the left in the rack icons view).
Besides, the program will prepare it in sequence of as they are inside the "Combi", so that the view is more tidy in all of the screen.
I think that this is a very good and easy thing.

Another fundamental thing is to understand what is the Rack Master; The "Combinator", in this case it is, is the Rack Master or the Rack from where all the ramifications depart to the racks and effects that are inside.

The black arrow that you see on the right, points out that is the Master Rack and that is possible collapse it to saving space in the screen (in practice it works as the possibility of collapse the racks).
The arrow "endorser/turner" it points out note that that racks is inserted in a Rack Master. (I've not been to insert all the instruments that were present in the Combi, but should that little explain the functionality quite well).
While the symbol of the chain means that one or more racks are external to the Rack Master but them are connected with it, or in my case, the "Combinator" it has a "Matrix" that it checks it.

(image 3
Last thing but fundamental for the good result of everything that that I have said.
We introduce the "Classes", the color classifications (it remembers what we can see in MacOS X, you know?).

It is true that the Rack Master control all the Rack Sons, however to first glance you can be lost us when all these racks are expanded, then I have thought about adding an univocal color to the Rack Master and the Rack Sons (those that are in the Master or that they are connected to it).
This way to first impact we are able suffered to recognize the whole hierarchy. Even this is a feature to understand better and to see if indeed it is worth to introduce but I believe that it would be able not to be so wrong.

I have thought that the Rack Master is what checks everything, therefore if you move the Rack Master above another combi it will also move everything of it content (it is obvious!)
It is not possible to move the Rack Sons among them. It doesn't have purpose of it sense, in how much they are positioned by the program in order of as the "Combinator" has been created in departure.


I believe that if the programmers of Reason have built Reason and have improved it, they can also consider these thing, otherwise...
Well, I have tried there, maybe a dream that will remain in the drawer.

If you want feel free to contact me.

Bye Reasonerssss!

PS A simple example are in please stay tuned on

IN ITALIANO (va decisamente meglio)

STEP 1 (Immagine 1)
Bene, mentre stavo costruendo una canzone fatta di "Combinator" ho notato che per ogni componente del rack dovevo creare una "Sequence track for...", rendendo un po' scomoda e costosa in termini di tempo l'operazione.
Inoltre quando si hanno tanti "Combinator" si hanno anche tantissimi strumenti o effetti dentro, quindi creare tutte le "Sequencer track for..." diventa difficile complicato, e soprattutto prende troppo spazio.

STEP 2 (immagine 2)
Allora ho pensato: introduciamo la semplice visualizzazione ad albero che tutti gli OS usano.


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