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FM, additive synths, modularity

I'd like to see some more synths in future versions of Reasons so I could play around with other types of synthesis, such as additive and FM. That would be really cool and seems like it could possibly be implemented.

Now for a couple "pie in the sky" things that would probably be really hard to program but would make Reason even more flexible and fun:


Increased modularity for the synthesizers. What I mean by this is that you could basically "take apart," say, a Malstrom and hook its parts up in different ways to a Subtractor or NN-XT; or you could have five or seven or ten oscillators going on one synth, or as many LFOs, etc. In addition to having the Subtractor and Malstrom (and maybe a couple new synths :-), you could reconfigure them in many ways or even build a new synth from component parts. Reason seems to be moving in this direction with the Combinator, but it would be even cooler if you could manipulate things at the level of individual synth components. It would also be a great selling point, I think. But as awesome as this would be, it would probably involve a huge amount of coding and rewriting, so I'm not sure that this is a reasonable thing to expect.

Even so, I would love to be able to right-click on a Malstrom or Sub and see an option called "disassemble" (or something like that) and get to work customizing how it generates sound or building a new synth from the ground up. :-)


Some sort of utility to make your own graintables for the Malstrom, preferably by importing WAV or AIFF files. If this would be too hard to program, then maybe the Props could periodically release some kind of new Refill format capable of holding additional graintables.

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