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Old 2006-05-12, 09:51
Khazul Khazul is offline
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VST hosting for reason modules inside VST apps.

OK - so I am heretic and use Cubase as my primary DAW and very rarely use Reason now for one simple reason the damn thing wont fully integration. Rewire is a great bit of technology as a concept, but TBH - I dont resally like the end result - especially in Cubase (yeh - I know Setinberg's fault).

However, I do really like alot of tghe bits in Reason and the more time I spend with crappy VSTs the more obvious it becomes how good even some of the older bits of reason are compared to the sea of crap in the form of millions of terible sound plugins around.

So what I would dearly love to see is a mechanism to host Reason device patches within Cubase as VST/VSTi plugins. Obviously the Combinator is the UI vehicle for this.

How man y of you have wish you could take you crafted mClass mastering combi and stick it Cubase? Or take some other cool sound fx or synth combi and do the same.

Do get me wrong - I like Reason's sequencer - I love the un-cluttered simplicity of it, but it isnt my primary tool anymore becuase it wont play friendly with a bunch of hardware synths - and yes - I generally prefer my hardwre synths over anything that Reason can generally offer, but there are some things that Reason is truly excellent for that are a real pain to create with hardware and Cubase.

So please consider some kind of direct VST/VSTi hosting for combis. I dont care if I have to pay an additional 100UKP or so for it on top of what I paid for Reason - it would just simply be so damn useful and would bring Reason back as a viable tool again.

Personally I think doing so would broaden Reason's appeal (and therefore market). Rewire is just not a nice user experience.

For the nay sayers - well explain how to make Reaosn play ball with this lot:

The real world

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