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Just some Opinons

Well i've been using reason for about 2 years now. I've been producing Rap/Hip Hop instrumentals for 5 years. I"ve came from Music Maker To FL Studio caught on to Reason and Loved it. However, I just want some opinons as to what people think about making pro sounding tracks. Do you really think Reason can do that. My thought is I think so it really boils down to how you use your equpiment I know people who go out and purchase Thousands of Dollars worth of stuff and yah they sound good, But their mixing and Engineering skills make the tracks sound like crap. As where I have and many others have used reason with a couple of other programs PT and have made tracks that sound like they have come from a Pro Studio. I figure you sound as good as your weakest link Spend 20,000 on some equpiment but you suck at Engineering your mixing and sound will be Wack.

I am a perfectionist so I am always trying to make things Better ( which seems like I never can get it to be Perfect :P )
But what are your opinions If you have any insight i would love to hear it and Tips As i am always willing to learn.

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