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Reason following Rebirth

So I recently downloaded Rebirth and LOVE it, the program is AMAZING. The only problem with it is that I find myself wanting to use my sequencer to write drum parts instead of programming patterns into the 808-909 interface. The sounds are incredible though and I use it anyway rewired into Sonar.

I currently use Sonar and Project 5 for a lot of my music production and will continue to do so, my one question is if Reason is a good replacement for Rebirth?

I've downloaded the demo and enjoyed using it. I would probably use the synths a ton (love having more options) and definitely enjoy some of the interesting sounds and playing with different modules put up in different orders so I do understand that Reasons is a WHOLE lot more then rebirth is.

The ReDrume modules seems like a lot of fun but the demo only comes with VERY few drum kits. Do Rebirth fans that buy reason end up doing drums with the kits included, or kits from Refills or do you end up using Rebirth still even after buying Reason?

Anyway thanks for your help and comments

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