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Automating CV Modulation Routing?

Okay, I have this song, with a Subtractor playing a pretty cool riff ( if I do say so myself).

Below that, I have a Dr. Rex playing a loop. When I send the Slice Gate Output CV of the Dr Rex to the Sequencer Control Gate CV Input of the subtractor, the subtractor goes absolutely apeshit. I love it.

It would be perfect for a bridge or an outro, but I wanna use the un-patched subtractor for the bulk of the song. That means I need to create a second subtractor, patch the CV to that one, and use that for the wacky bridge/outro stuff, and use the first subtractor for the normal riff.

What would be cool, is if there was some way to automate the CV routing, so that I could have just the one subtractor. Some setting (or maybe a button in a combinator?) I could press and the routing would be connected or bypassed. I could sequence that and bang zoom. Turn on/off the wackiness in realtime during a song.

Or maybe the Spider CV Merger Splitter could have an on/off/bypass switch we could automate? OMG, the possibilities for musical shenanigans... SHENANIGANS, I say!

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