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Old 2006-06-09, 03:59
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Play and record notes from more than one control surface

The main thing about Reason that limits my enjoyment of music making is the fact that I cannot "play" two devices at the same time from different control surfaces. This still drives me up a wall. When I'm writing a song, I might want my Radium49 to control a polysynth patch, and I want my Remote25 to control a lead synth. This is how you write a melody over a chord progression, right? But this is still a nasty chore in Reason.

Or suppose I'm working with someone else, and we have a good groove going and I want to record all the things we're playing on separate control surfaces to the sequencer so we can turn it into a song. This should be supported in Reason.

The part that really drives me nuts is that I can control (and record!) changes to knobs and faders on different devices using separate control surfaces, but I can't play notes. It doesn't make sense and it kills my workflow. "Play Your Reason System" still sounds like a cruel joke to me.

If you feel the same way, please post a reply urging the Props to re-think their approach to multiple control surfaces.

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