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Automated and resized labels

Perhaps there might be a newly-incorporated way of automatically labelling devices when they're added to a rack?

I often find I just end up typing Piano, then Pianoverb, then Pianodel, then Pianospid, then Pianopeq etc. for all the effects I tail the piano with. If Reason could have a [customisable and totally optional (Preferences)] feature to fill in the labels for me, it would speed up the creative process a great deal!

Being limited to 12 characters is a trifle aggravating also, especially if I want to give my synths descriptive names like Powerful Chinese Whistle (and then plonk the 'verb'/'peq'/'s4' tags after them subsequently). If the size of the label could just be extended to accommodate however many characters were being used, up to a much higher limit, that would be ace. I'm positive that there's plenty of room on the individual components to fit bigger labels, even if it means shrinking the font slightly, or converting to a legible one in the process.

Apologies if this has already been covered, but as far as my eye can see it's just tempo automation, tempo automation, tempo automation all the way down. (I also heartily condone the integration of this as well!)

Please all add your thoughts to this.

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