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Old 2006-06-17, 01:29
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Propellerhead Feature Suggestion FEEDBACK!!!

I'd really like to see some feedback from the props about features that people have suggested. Are they good ideas? are they bad ideas? Are they just ideas that are not possible and can never be included? I'm sure the props can let its users know these things without giving too much info away...that is good business.

Anyway i'd LOVE to see these things implemented in the next REASON update.

- A new more complex synth. FM, multi OSC, physical modelling, etc..

- Perhaps a new drum/rythm synth also.

- BPM automation.

- A 'polymatrix' arp/chord/pianoroll device with 'patches'.

- A 'mega' combinator..32 buttons, 32 rotarys, 32 audio inputs, 32 audio outs, 32 cv ins/outs..etc. (or a combinator 'link' device..)

- An accessable and managable malstrom 'wavetable library' where you can import your own waves.

- Better standard fx..Phaser, chorus, flanger, filter. Surely these are all due for an upgrade like the reverb has experienced?

- Automation 'line curves'..of course.

- Expanded "ADVANCED ReDrum' with 'reverse enabled' sample playback. Enable single drum hits to be assigned to a piano roll for tone/pitch changes. A expanded 64 botton redrum pattern display. Multi samples and velocity triggered samples in individual redrum channels. Filters on individual channels.

- Instant 'Zoom' minimise/maximise button on sequencer channels.

- Modular Machine 'patchbay'..with individual elements 'folder' to design you own synth machine 'patches'
How good would it be for sound designers to have a Modular Machine 'patchbay' within reason?


- 16 or Upto 32 channels of auxialry sends on the mixer...4 is just not enough..






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