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Site Update: RexDrum Concept

Hi to all!

I've been kept busy with a number of things over the last few days, and the RexDrum concept was certainly not out of the equation.

Now, the RexDrum concept is basically an advanced drum machine which loads Rex loop samples instead of wave samples etc. Also, there are so many dynamics and shaping parameters built in, which gives awesome functionality in a compact space. In addition, the remote editing panels have a configuration for each of the ten drum channels, thereby allowing multi track processing, whether it's in the loop, shaping or dynamics area. This should certainly save on the number of processing modules required, particularly for dynamics.

Apart from a nine page document, I've also included an outline diagram (in colour), basically showing how the RexDrum could be structured. Well, I'll leave it to you guys to have a look - please use the link below to access the document and diagram files.


Dance FX 21

Dance FX 21 - Website - Reason Feature Suggestions

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