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Award feature suggestion authors...

1. Submit a unique (sane...) feature suggestion, and get a bronze star icon + nr of submitted suggestions, beside your nickname/product icons.

2. Submit a unique feature suggestion that the Prop's find inspiring, and get a silver dito.

3. Submit a unique feature suggestion that gets implemented, and get a gold dito.

100 X bronze stars = get something cheap from the prop shop.

10 X silver stars = get something expensive from the prop shop.

1 X gold star = ticket to Anaheim

This will:

- Increase quantity and quality of feature suggestions

- Give lots of goodwill to the Prop's

- Make it more fun for the F. suggestion contributors

In case the idea to submit is sufficiently innovative: let there be a another structured way of submitting the idea to the Prop's without having to reveal the secrets to the forum.

I'm sure there are lots of members supressing their best ideas, waiting for the day they'll implement them themselves...which never happens... So if those members just knew they'd get awarded, then the Prop's could really maximize the use of their greatest brainpool - the Users!

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