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Old 2006-06-17, 19:54
jappe jappe is offline
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Organize Feature Suggestion board in Tree/Topic Nodes.

Re-build the feature suggestion forum:

Let's say I come up with a truly unique and thrilling idea: The Prop's should implement VST support in Reason.
Then I open the Idea Tree and locate the node called "VST". All VST support related discussion is taking place here and nowhere else.

No one would ever have to complain about having a VST flame war in their face.

Think about that:-)

Let the user choose betwen "node/tree View", "most recent ideas View" and "most recently updated nodes View" (mark the latter by having the node name in bold text)


* The Prop's would gain much better overview of the ideas.

* Statements made by the Prop's regarding an idea can easily be found. (In the current forum the Prop's may reply the 10:th time the same idea is submitted - harder to find)

* The members would much easier find everything previously written in an idea topic. No further excuse for repetitive suggestions with no new arguments that is.

* More easy for the Prop's to award ideas since the main contributors is easier to locate.


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