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My Space

My Space was something I'd heard of in forums along with Soundclick, I'd visited soundclick before, only a couple of times to check out peoples tunes, but both sites it appeared always got totally slated, I don't know, maybe it's coz everyone has a soundclick account or everyone has a Myspace account, and it was just gettin boring. So when we uploaded our tracks, I found Beta Records, pretty cool site, clean and simple etc and avoided My Space and Soundclick!
Then my partner in crime's brother who already had a My Space account, suggested it to his bro, they set up a basic account and showed me, gotta say I'm actually damn impressed, I think My Space is really good, the networking is fantastic, we get tons of feedback which always helps, made some cool connections, including people interested in collabs, one girl has offered to lend her vocals to us, she has an album out already and has a fantastic voice.

I'm sure everyone on this forum knows My Space all too well, but I just thought I'd take the opportunity to voice my opinion, It's a genius idea, even if everyone is doing it, and every other sod has signed up to it, all the better, connections are vital, and I think it will make all the difference having an account with them.

While I'm at it, I have no shame, so here it is, it's the same music as whats on Beta if you have already checked us out, except with more of our art work and some mug shots, if you care to see us.


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