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Old 2006-06-20, 19:32
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Message to the Props, will they listen? Likely they won't

The basic point here is that reason could and should expand its features. The mindset that appears to be that of the Props is this: ?I have a product that I can produce and will sell it as is?. A basic fundamental of Business and marketing is assessing the needs and wants of its core customer and producing a product that will satisfy this need. The props have marginally done so. For all those who think Audio in is the way, I agree with the props not to add it because in doing so they will be placed in direct competition with logic, DP and Protools. Good Choice, and by remaining a sequencer they can fill a need that isn?t being addressed by many. But here is the problem:
Since there is no real threat to the base of the Props core customers in terms of functionality, ease of use, and the pure fun of mimicking hardware. They have become complacent and downright Lazy! Or even worse arrogance. If their niche market is to be a sequencer then why not strive to be the best? Where is the?
1. Midi out and Midi in,
2. If no Midi in Midi out, then contract with the major players like roland, Yamaha and others to create licensed Refills
3. Appregator
4. Better Piano Roll
5. Time Stretching
6. Note repeat ( like the MPC series)

No one cares about VST?s, well I?m sure some do, but I don?t give a monkey?s testicle about VST.

Just strive to be the best sequencer, that?s all we ask.
One more thing:

If you made shitty music with fruity Loops,

If you made shitty music with A MPC,

If you made shitty music with Live,

I?m going to go out on limb here say that you are more likely to make shitty music with Reason, but at least you have more fun doing it.

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