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Value layering for Combi knobs

In the same way that the NNXT can have three samples on the same key that trigger in different velocity ranges, I would like to be able to use the combi knobs to control several devices but within certain ranges.

ie. On the NNXT velocity 0-57 triggers SampleA.wav, velocity 57-100 triggers SampleB.wav and velocity 101-127 triggers SampleC.wav

On the Combi it would be:

Combi Rotary Value 0-63 = Device A Freq is -63 to 0
Combi Rotary Value 64-127 =
Device B Freq is 0 to +64.

I'm trying to build a DJ mixer EQ at the minute (-20db to +12db) and this would mean I can retain the alt-click auto reset at 0db.

This would also make building crossfades simpler:

ie: Combi Rotary set to control mixer ch1 level:
Combi Rotary Value 0-50 = Ch1 Level is 100
Combi Rotary Value 51-70 = Ch1 Level decreases from 100 to 0
Combi Rotary Value 71-127 = Ch1 Level is 0

I hope this makes sense : )

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