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Using a laptop with an external HD

I have a G4 Powerbook that has a 60GB 5200rpm HD, but I've ordered a 250 GB 7200rpm Firewire external HD because I'm going to start to use CUBASE LE to add vocals to my REASON songs and I need the extra space. Plus, obviously, it would be a faster HD. But, how is the best way of taking advantage of the 7200rpm. Where should everything be? And where would be the best place to store (or even save during recording) tracks I make in REASON and CUBASE?

Here's what I have to deal with:

? G4 Laptop
? Reason 3.0
? Cubase LE
? Presonus FIREBOX (firewire)
? 250GB 7200rpm LaCie Firewire HD

Also which is the better way to daisy chain these two items (or does it even matter?) with a firewire cable?:

A) FIREBOX-- LaCie HD-- Laptop
B) LaCie HD-- FIREBOX-- Laptop

Thanks, and sorry if these are dumb questions, heh.

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