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Old 2006-06-25, 05:44
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Can-not record from NN-xt/NN-19. Experianced Users, Needed!

Reason simply will not record as I play the tracks from the samplers. I have an M-Audio Axiom 25, Brand new. I have it set up mostly, and it plays the sounds just fine. I can send Rex loops to the Track, and they are fine. Hell I also drag and drop the rex loops to the Sampler track, and they work too. However, I can NOT edit or replace them while playing from my keyboard. The track is highlighted, the midi icon is there, I hit the record button, and I hit play and start playing, but it will NOT record the notes!

I didnt want to post a post that has been posted many times before, I spent all day searching other posts to find an answer. Alot of what I saw were people griping about not being registered, and never really giving an answer. I had no choice but to post.

I am really disappointed that it is not working. I borrowed a friends keyboard and his Reason3 software, he knew I would love it, and he wants me to buy it. I was playing with it, and everything was perfect, I was ALL excited, but then I tried to record with it, and it would not work.

Please help me resolve this issue.

Thank you.

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