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Tuners and Delay


Reason NEEDS a chromatic Tuner unit!
It would be great, just a 2-in, 2-out in a 1 unit rack that tells out the note of anything that is passing through it.
You could tune kick drums, or any sample for-that-matter, that you have put in a ReDrum channel, especially as the pitch knob is a bit hard to place sometimes.


Also Reason needs a new Delay unit. Now I know this is an old Forum topic, but I just want to back up whats been said befor.
Something like the Line 6 (green) Delay pedal, that emulates those old Tape delays like the Roland Space Echo, Wem Copy Cat, Ecco Plex. or the Analog Boss DD-2. Come on Propellerhead I know you want to!!!

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