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Dedicated IR processor

Ability to load impulse responses in RV 7000. Maybe ability to combine/mix impulse respnse sound with RV7000 sound. Impulse responses are small. Can give you FANTASTIC results. They could be saved with a project with ease because they are small. With IR processing there is a whole new sound shaping area to reason. From reverbation(many free impulses at tape compression ir-s, outboard EQ ir-s, sound shaping ir-s(spectral relativity impulses) etc. Just check big response and success of ColorTone Pro from Tritone.

Dont know how this is doable from technical side within Reason (since IR processing introduce latency) but other products somehow seems to manage this (Orion built IR processor or WizooVerb are latency free). IR processing can be a CPU hog but with today computers , dual core(and more core in future) it should not be problem. And this can be last kick to "reason sounds thin" agenda.

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