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Old 2006-06-30, 12:12
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Site Update - More Feature Suggestions - ( in html format )


I?ve taken requests regarding cross compatible file formats very seriously - in fact, I initially had this update ready for upload (in wps format) a couple of days ago, but I?ve spent much of the time thereafter converting it to html. There?s a very quick way of converting by using the Save As function, but the resulting source code leaves a lot to be desired - it?s nowhere near what the *W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional* coding standard (still current I guess) requires. With this in mind, I opted for proper coding which future browsers are more likely to read.

Now, the *General 01 - Routing Modules* article is available in html, but the other feature suggestions are still in wps. However, I intend to backtrack over the RexDrum item in the near future and add some more info, as well as converting it to html.

I agree that it?s unfair to upload a document in a format which can?t be read by all users. What happened (in the Reason Section) was that I wanted to use document type files, which allowed more ease and freedom to layout feature suggestion items. I was also concerned that not everyone who had Windows would have MS Office Word (*.doc), so I decided to go for a MS Works Word Processor document (*.wps) which would also be compatible with Word. I was then pretty confident that everyone would have either MS Works (for basic MS Windows), or MS Office. That?s where I was pretty na

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