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prob with basic vocoder setup

Hi. I've been following the instructions in the online help to try to get the vocoder in Reason working...

1) Created a Subtractor as carrier....wired it to the carrier left input of the vocoder

2) created an NNXT as modulator by pressing SHIFT so that it doesn't auto-route to a mixer (as per instrucs).

3) wired output 1 ("1/L") of the NNXT to the modulator input of the vocoder.

4)loaded "FATFEMALECHOIR" onto NNXT. Have tried loading a number of patches onto subtractor.

5) Enabled midi for subtractor in the sequencer window using the red circle. I can hear the "fatfemalechoir", but that's IT!! matter what I do with the dry/wet knob or other controls on the vocoder. Also, no response shows up in the "carrier" column of lights on the vocoder...again, I have tried loading a bunch of patches onto Subtractor, but no joy. What am I missing out here??

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