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Reason update

I heard Reason had a not so good sequencer but I think its fine even compared to cubase what would be good since it is a virtual rack you should be able to sequence hardware instruments with the sequencer in Reason so that means multitimbral support and also support VST which I know some manufacturer's VST's are not stable so thats on that companies head to make a stable VST DXI synth if they want it to sell but also know that some VST's require more ram and cpu so if PropellerHead do decide to give it VST support its up to the consumer to make sure your pc can support the power and newbies don't blame Reason for any glicthes in latency because Reason is the most stable program out there. I also think with this new added power if given it that Reason should be able to adapt its rack to that particular VST meaning if it has 3 inputs or 5 out puts the Reason cables should adapt to that and if its multitimbral you should only have to use one instance of the VST or DXi but be able to sequence different midi channels last but not least I think the number of midi channels should be limeted to about 64 theres no way any one should need more than that and I think Propeller head should add at least 4 or 8 tracks of audio to compete with machines like Rolands MV 8000, and Juno G or the new oasys from Korg and again Please add Recycle to the full version of Reason as a instrument with in the rack. Reason 3.5 or 4.0 thats it for now thank you Propellerhead if you read this with these implications Reason could compete with any soft or hardware synth sampling work station out there I do have more suggetions if you want to know.

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