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Old 2006-07-17, 11:51
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Sampling into NNXT and changing beat tempo's


Im new to Reason and although I understand the basics and have been writing music for a while im unsure how to do the following things.

1) how do i take a sample from any source i.e, tape, cd, film and record it so I can play and edit it it through the NNXT? im running cubase system 4 sound interface and assume I just record into there, via cubase and save as a .WAV? however im still unsure how to do this in terms of the process you actally go through to sample, also my NNXT seems to only play NNXT files, ive got loads of .WAVs on my PC and it never seems to be able to find them or play them - obviously im doing something wrong??

2) how do I change the tempo of a break beat, im running one in reason which was recorded at 130BPM but my song is playing at 110, it sounds fine as its not clipping but obviously isnt quite right, im playing this from a rex file, for some reason recycle cant see this file on my PC so I cant import it and slow it down a bit, any clues? im checking the folder its in but its empty, the breakbeat is in a refill i bought, DR Rex can see the original just not recycle and i cant seem to copy the loop to my desktop to then try and import.

Also is the NNXT able to do things like reverse samples, time stretch, loop ect like my old AKAI S3000 could?

Im running cubase system 4 with the M14 interface card with a fast PC

im probably doing everything totally wrong so any help would be really cool


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