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Old 2006-07-17, 16:27
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mixing on headphones ....good idea or not?

Hi every1 ive got a pair of sennheiser hd25 headphones which sound fantastic and were worth the money . I thought however after hearing almost every1 saying they are the best u can get that they would accurately reproduce sounds as they are pro monitoring headphones. however i have just mixed my last 3 songs on them as i mix late at night and need to keep the noise to a minimum. although reason sounds fantastic through them , when i come to check the songs over the monitors they sound almost pathetic. there is no sense of space or seperation it sounds as if the whole song is in a low frequency range, everything is muddy and basically the whole 3 songs need mixing from start to finish again and i just feel like scrapping them , its quite soul destroying to have wasted all that time and energy on nothing!! i dont know if this is just a rant or what but i suppose a good question would be does anybody else mix using headphones and how do u do it successfully? , should u mix using headphones?? or does anybody have any tips or any advice at all?

thank you

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