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Old 2006-07-19, 21:48
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reason on mac mini via touch screen as live performance rig

please pardon all the introductory information that follows. the real question is:

does anybody have any information about or experience with what's described in the subject line?

"reason on mac mini via touch screen as live performance rig"

i'm a long time keyboardist that's only recently been introduced to reason and usb keyboards when i sat in with a band that wanted a live person to play in performance the keyboard tracks they had recorded.

on their advice, i left all my gear at home and arrived to find an m-audio es61 connected via usb to a powerbook g4 running reason. despite initial skepticism, i'm impressed with the flexibility of this rig and have decided to take the plunge, get a mac (always wanted one, i run a predominantly debian/bsd shop at present), run reason live, and see if i can lighten up my gig load-in by several hundred pounds. this is the primary incentive, honestly. i've got a kurzweil pc88 and a 12ru stack of rack components, *and* a pa with monitors to move most of the time. after you add the flight cases, i'm probably somewhere near 400 pounds (us) of stuff. for one silly keyboardist. good thing i don't move the old hammond b3, leslie, fender rhodes console and twin around anymore. a couple usb keyboards and a laptop (or mac mini) looks pretty good in comparison.

anyway, the primary drawbacks (as i see them) of this powerbook g4 setup was the expense of the laptop, and the mouse click/keyboard operation of the reason interface, not to mention the entire schism i'm having with appearing on stage, as a musician, fiddling around with a computer. i'm sure there's lots that can be done to reduce the computer fiddling through midi control sequences on a reasonably functional midi keyboard/controller, and i hope to learn more of that with time and experience. but i also had this notion of concealing the 'computery' nature of the entire thing, and improving access to the interface, by running it on a mac mini and reducing the performance interface to the smallest compliant touch screen dvi/vga monitor, probably mounted beneath the keyboard on the stand.

but i can't find any mention of anybody doing this, either here at propellerheads or out in the big bad interweb via google, etc.

the most promising reference is probably this one:

linked here:

but it's a windows only app and i'm not going down that road for reasons i'd rather not discuss (use your imagination).

"reason on mac mini via touch screen as live performance rig"

i'll go the mac laptop route if i must, but i had this idea it seems like a good one, unless it just won't work.

any comments, suggestions, links or further disucssion would be greatly appreciated.

chuchu nongnonghead

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