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Old 2006-07-22, 00:19
sporkles sporkles is offline
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My complete list of feature requests ...

... is not necessarily about the really "big" things, but rather about small stuff that I miss, mostly for workflow reasons. Anyway, here goes (and in no particular order):

1 "Select similar notes in track" - if you realise that certain notes in a group you've repeated several times are too short/long/whatever, it would be nice to be able to select them all, just like you can do with whole groups, and then resize them, or use 'change events'

2 "Velocity randomiser": Would let you select a group of notes and randomise the velocity (within a range you can define), for adding a bit more of a "human touch"

3 Real-time time stretch/granular playback/whatever it's called for the NN-XT. This should be automatable, and would let you stretch a sample without changing the pitch.

4 Customisable number of knobs and buttons on the Combinator. (Shold be self-explanatory)

5 Keyboard 'press and hold' shortcut (like we have for the pen tool, by pressing ALT) for selecting the HAND TOOL while in "arrow mode". Personally, I find the hand tool useless when you have to select it first. That tool is all about spontaneity. It would also be cool if holding SHIFT while drawing with the pen would produce a straight line.

6 Possibility of dragging horizontal "Photoshop-style" guidelines in the automation lane. Would be neat for meticulous drawing, when you want your automation curve to return to an exact point later in the track.

7 Possibility of creating "Post-it" notes in the sequencer, for making small text-memos, and also the option of right-clicking a group and give it a name, which will pop up on mouse over.

8 Some way of, after you've maximised the rack window, also maximising the *sequencer* window to the rest of the screen area. In fact, I would prefer to have the possibility of using the old layout, where both were inside a mother window.

9 Visual feedback in the piano roll when a controller key is pressed. After messing around with octave settings on my keyboard and on a Reason instrument, I tend to lose track of where I actually am, and seeing which key is pressed on screen would solve that problem.

Finally, I have two new devices I would like to have added:

10 A BV512-style equaliser which doesn't cause a delay to the incoming signal. I really love the instant ability to cut frequencies, but the delay forces you to push notes slightly backwards in the sequencer.

11 The ReBirth distortion unit as an effect device. I really love that warm, rich distortion, and find it hard to replicate in Reason. (And while we're at it, why not integrate ReBirth altogether, as a synth which can be controlled by its built-in step-sequencer *and* by drawing notes in Reason's sequencer? =)

I would of course welcome all new devices and features, but I love Reason as it is, and would be all smiles if it could simply be made even more user friendly.



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