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Some words to audio in

I thought now some time about the all-wanted audio feature.

There are many differences to do that!

As explained by many people here, a completle audio-support (recording etc.) is not needed for reason, cause other programs can do that much better, than reason and better, than it could ever be.

And I agree with them. It's a little bit more complex, to setup, but for professional results this may it be worth.

But (!) there are things, which we cannot go arround:

1. live perfomances, where we want for example bring our voice through the vocoder (just an example)

2. Effect processing live or non-live situionations, especially, when we make reason a rewire-slave.

For 1. there exists petertools, works more or less good and is a perfect solution for live situations.

For 2. there is no solution available.

I think: This point 2. is one of the things, which are really needed, cause it really makes sense and cannot replaced by any other thing.

To do that, it must be possible, to make a rewire slave both: Sending and reveiving. I'm not sure, if this could work, but if it would, it would be a breakthrough technology!

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