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Old 2006-08-04, 06:40
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Not finished but different than the audio in s&*(&*

So here's some...

Synth Upgrades -

Timbre feature - Essentially this is just an Oscillator expander. For instance, take the Subtractor which has 2 oscillators, and call it a single timbre synth. Now load up another and use the Combinator to combine the two synths together, thus resulting in a layered timbre/ multi-timbral synth. Would a timbre feature be an essential upgrade? No not really as the Combinator now makes it possible to do this anyway by simply combining the two. Could it be useful? I think so. After all, aren't we looking to achieve something quicker and easier? With a simple click of a button on a synth you go from 2 oscillators to 4 oscillators or more! No extra need for a Combinator, an extra mixer, and so on which gradually sucks up your CPU.

Pitch feature - Some might wonder why I'm recommending a pitch feature, others may not. Essentially you can of course adjust the pitch of your oscillators using the Octave, Semi, and Cent sections in a Subtractor. However, I find it a little more useful to be able to take my sound and adjust the semitone, and cent of the overall sound without going back in and re-tweaking the sound until I get it right. Another reason for this is due to LFO tweakers. I know of a few people who go crazy over using LFO's in crazy ways to get their sounds. A simple application of using an LFO as many know is to control the pitch of your oscillators with them. Having an extra pitch section lets you achieve your sound quicker I believe. In the end I guess you could call this the Master Tune section of a particular synth.

Vibrato feature - This is another one that's not extremely essential but can be useful. Of course you can simply do this by using an LFO, but why burn up those resources if you have a knob for this?

Extra oscillator controls - This is more or less based off a hardware synth I have, where oscillator 1 has two controls that modify the wave. The second control operates off of your LFO 1 settings to help shape the wave even more. These two controls are where you can adjust the pulse width of a square wave, as well as perform cross modulation. Of course there are phasing knobs on the Subtractor, but I'm not interesting in shaping my sounds by messing with phasing knobs in an attempt to sync my oscillators or anything else.

Oscillator modulation controls - This probably could fit into the extra oscillator controls, but I felt like announcing them separate instead. As I've said, I'm not interested in using phasing knobs to shape my sounds. Things I like in a synth are : pulse-width modulation, cross modulation, sync modulation , ring modulation, and fm modulation. Pulse-width modulation and sync modulation I believe shouldn't be associated with phasing controls honestly. On a Subtractor you are given a knob for applying frequency modulation and how much you want applied, it's no DX7 but it serves it's purpose. There is also a ring modulation button on a Subtractor, again this is useful for some applications but for total control of ring modulation I would like to see some controls for it applied to something along the lines of the second oscillator where things like semitone and tune controls on the second oscillator allow you to create more precise ring modulation sounds. I would definitely like to see an oscillator sync button but it's doubtful I ever will.

Oscillator level control - To be honest, the Subtractors oscillator controls really stink in my honest opinion. On top of all the things I really wanted to be included in a Subtractor or Malstrom is the ability to control the level (volume) of each oscillator. You can of course do this in some fashion by simply adjusting the oscillator mix knob, but that method sucked on my Korg EA-1 and it sucks on the Subtractor. For example, alot of synths I've used operate their levels from 0 to 127. If I want oscillator 1 in my Subtractor to be around 35 and my second oscillator to be around 60 which way do I tweak my knob? What essentially defines each oscillator output if when the knob is centered it acts as maximum level for both oscillators?

Greater amp controls - On a Subtractor you are given filter eg amount control via the amt knob in the filter envelope section. You are also given a filter keyboard tracking knob in the filter section, but where on earth is the keyboard tracking knob for the amp section? A panpot knob could be useful as well!

Improved EG Reset controls - In the Subtractor you are of course given the ability to retrigger your envelopes by choosing the setting ReTrig instead of Legato. This is all good and well for simple things, but what if I want only the amp eg to reset and not my filter eg and vice versa?

More LFO waves - I like triangle, I even like that we have two saw waves, a square, and two forms of sample & hold. Where on earth is my sine wave LFO, or multiple square wave LFO's?

Improved LFO sections - I like the functions of LFO 1. Why the sections of LFO 1 and LFO 2 weren't combined and made available in full to each LFO is beyond me. I would like to see a key sync feature available for both LFO's as well so that you can choose whether the LFO modulation is reset on note-on or not. As for the rest of the LFO features I'd like to see capabilities for being able to do things like auto-pan, and gradual panning.

Delay upgrades -

New delay unit - This isn't fully necessary but it has it's purposes. A stereo delay would be nice, a one step method for doing cross delays would be nice as well. Improved delay control would be a greatly appreciated thing too. I do think the ability to change between MS and sync/step delays is good, but I want to see more in what would be the step length section. Things like 1/8, 1/12, 1/24, 3/16, as well as more triplet steps as well.

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